TITAN’s and SPARTAN’s!?!?!!

I was asked(being a big Halo fan) which would win in one on one deathmatch. The Spartan of the UNSC or the Titan produced by Hammond Factories and Robotics .The answer is simple, Spartans. Why? Spartans are more agile making them harder targets. Their shields aren’t the best, but still have an amazing durability and faster recharge than that of a Titan. I will upload a video with gameplay of both games and how each armor system’s work. Not much information is given about when Titans were in production with Hammond Factories. However, we know that Spartans were secretly in development in the earliest years of the first human-covenant war.

About 500 years from now is when Spartans were produced and used to take down insurrectionists of the UNSC. Until the Covenant appeared, then all of the UNSC’s resources when directly to research and towards the war with the Covenant. Titan’s were built for what Hammond believes “a safer Frontier “. In this case, the colonist had to live under the IMC and the Militia thought that was bad. Again, not much information is given to the community as to when the game itself is set and questions arise such as, “How the hell did the Militia get so many Titans?”. In the game Hammond is the factory builder of the Titans and Spectre’s. So, this leaves a number of theories for that whole question. “Did Hammond sell the Titan’s to the Militia?”, ” Where the Titan’s stolen?”, “Is there another mass producer of Titan’s besides Hammond’s factories?”, and finally, “How did the Militia even get the amount of ships that they have in the game?”.

Now back to the whole Spartan vs Titan: Spartans have years of training and experience in fighting. If a contact scenario occurred between a Spartan and a Pilot with his Titan. It would be no different than a Spartan taking down two pairs of hunters. Titans have denser armor and spartans weapons aren’t the greatest either. The weapons a Spartan can use on a head to head battle with a Titan are a Spartan laser, Rocket Launcher, Grenade Launcher, and a Sniper Rifle. These weapons have immense power and when used to the maximum of skill, can be an unstoppable force.

Titans of course could just attempt to squeeze the life of a Spartan, but lets not forget that it’s the pilot mostly in control. Spartan vs Pilot, Spartan would win. I don’t think I need to explain why. But the more interesting battle is Spartan vs Titan. I will leave it up to the Gaming Community to answer this question. My opinion is my own, ultimately we will have to wait for Respwan Entertainment to release more info on the Titanfall story.




I’ve noticed something really wrong with my gameplay and capture card! The audio does not match with the video. For example, I shoot a gun at someone and announcer says “One Kill to Win”. Except, the gun shoots 10-15 seconds later after I fired and the announcer is also really off. This means one of two things! My PC needs a fix up. Or I just buy/make a new PC. This problem usually only occur when the PC itself is handling to much or the video was recorded to long. For these reasons I have to postpone major projects and I have to use a friends computer. Other than that I will still be working and I hope you guys stick around.


2k Australia is developing the next Borderlands! Here’s what they’ve released as of now. ***PLEASE note: These can change at any time! As the players we can choose from “Athena”, a character introduced in the DLC “General KNOXX’s Secret Armory” of the first Borderlands.  We also have “Winhelm”, a cyborg-terminator acting dude from Borderlands 2. ****SPOILER AHEAD***, he try’s to kill you in the story of the second game. Next, is a mystery character that we don’t know to much about and if you try going on the borderland wiki, her/his name doesn’t appear in anything, the character is “Nisha”. AND finally our loveable WUB Master…. “CLAP-TRAP”. Yes we can finally play as the little f***er and have some fun with the gang. On another note, don’t attempt to go up stairs in the game…

We’ve also been told(We, as in the gaming community) that the game is a prequel and set after the events of the first borderlands and before borderlands 2. Another note is that the title of is called “Borderlands The Prequel”. YAY! World scenario, the players are set at what appears to be the moon of Pandora and other little substations. Basically, when Jack and Hyperion are rising to power and the giant “H” station of death is under construction. One more thing, the next borderlands will not be available to Xbox One and PS4. The game is for Xbox 360, PC(maybe, I don’t know for sure), and Playstation 3.That’s it for now, happy gaming and blogging.

Metal what?

So Metal Gear fans rejoice for the confirmed “Metal Gear: Phantom Pain”. Unfortunately, the only Metal Gear coming out this year(That is confirmed and valid) is on March 18th. Metal Gear Solid V: Gr is part of a sub-series of prequels in the Metal Gear series, taking place after Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. Ground Zeroes will stand alone as the first part to Metal Gear Solid V, acting as the prologue for the upcoming Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain. The game follows BIg Boss’s infiltration in American Black Site on Cuban soil called Camp Omega for the extraction of both Cipher agent Pacifica Ocean and Sandinista child soldier Ricardo”Chico” Valenciano Libre. The game offers new methods of sneaking and traversal methods as well as choose in what order the story events take place by selecting missions in any order they like. The game was originally set to be released alongside The Phantom Pain but long development time resulted in director Hideo Kojima splitting the project in two parts so that players will get an early access to Metal Gear Solid V. In February 2012, a site named “Development Without Borders” owned by Konami was uploaded promoting development for a new Metal Gear title, which was titled “The “next” MGS”. The site was recruiting staff for the 2012 GDC  pavilion in March, and requested applications for several positions for the latest Metal Gear Solid targeted for “high-end consoles and PC” and “next-gen Fox engine”.

http://gamehdesktop.com/metal-gear-solid-ground-zeroes-hd-wallpaper/384/(I do not own Metal Gear Series or it's affilates.I also do not own this image).

http://gamehdesktop.com/metal-gear-solid-ground-zeroes-hd-wallpaper/384/(I do not own Metal Gear Series or it’s affilates.I also do not own this image).

Machinima + TitanFall

Well If you people recall, a few weeks ago. I posted that we were accepted into Machinima, that was not the case. The company sent me an e-mail then, stating that they were going to verify my account. Yesterday, at 4:05 Tuesday, March 11th, I received an email that I am now confirmed and ready to roll. ALSO! Titanfall was released yesterday across participating retailing stores. There was supposed to be no story mode. However, before the release of TitanFall, “Respawn Entertainment” confirmed a small cross campaign-multiplayer game mode. YES, that means you play the campaign in a multiplayer lobby. Against both AI’s and real playing Pilots(Pilots, is the term for an actual player rather than a grunt AI[AI’s are computer controlled units or bots]). Anyway, TitanFall has no recorded issues except ONE! When you play the game type, “Last Titan Standing”, players have noticed that the game rate drops. Most gamers say it was the fact that the game had everyone in a Titan rather than continuous drops. Others say it simply because of connection issues . Another interesting thing about TitanFall, the PC version requires more than 48 Gigabytes of memory to run. Several PC, gamers are outraged and confused at why that is. One of the reasons is the uncompressed audio files. Uncompressed has a better quality, but takes up more space. Compressed audio files lacks quality(Unknown on how bad it is), but saves more space. I hope you guise enjoyed this post. I find myself actually really good now that I gave you all this info. I wish the best in all your games, CIAO.

(http://blip.tv/machinima-top-series) I dont onw this logo/ image nor do I own Machinima or its affiliates.

(http://blip.tv/machinima-top-series) I dont onw this logo/ image nor do I own Machinima or its affiliates.

http://www.titanfall.com/images/titanfall-wallpaper( I do not own this image, nor do I own TitanFall or its Affiliates! All rights reserved to the respected owners)

http://www.titanfall.com/images/titanfall-wallpaper( I do not own this image, nor do I own TitanFall or its Affiliates! All rights reserved to the respected owners)


http://forums.spacebattles.com/threads/titans-titanfall-vs-tau-battlesuits-40k.287012/(I do not own this image, nor do I own TitanFall or it's affiliates. Rights reserved to the respected owners)

http://forums.spacebattles.com/threads/titans-titanfall-vs-tau-battlesuits-40k.287012/(I do not own this image, nor do I own TitanFall or it’s affiliates. Rights reserved to the respected owners)


The Storm has Arrived!

As you know, last week I posted several videos in one post. I stated that Chucky14’s gaming mintage would be coming out between then and now. I am so pleased to say that, Chucky14’s montage is available to view free on YouTube or here on the blog. I myself will be creating a website for my Xbox Live account for my professional use. Here is the Montage!

I put a good amount of recording, editing, and gaming into this single project. If you want to game, watch, or talk my YouTube is Burdened Legacy(Several youtube videos have been released about the US slavery, IGNORE ALL OF THE!), my Gamertag on Xbox is Burdened Legacy, Twitch/Tv. is Burdened Legacy, and my PSN account is Burdened_Legacy. Two planned montages will be released soon, the rest I can’t really say. However, what I can say is that if you enjoyed any of my work, than you will continue to do so when the new projects are released. Please go to the http://theplatitude.wordpress.com/ if you are intrested in gaming, original photos, and more. In other news, I will be getting an Xbox One this year most likely before the release of “Destiny”. Destiny is a game being developed by the original creators of Halo. The reason why, is simply because I can not wait for Destiny, as huge Halo fan. I can not wait to see what Bungie has set in store for us.

The Rookies Ep. 1: PHANTOM LEG4CY

Another series, I forgot to mention was “The Rookies”. The Rookies is a series is meant to show the skills and traits of the young gamers of the world. The first episode is PHANTOM LEG4CY, on the map “Uncaged”. The playlist is “Team Snipers” game type “Snipers Pro” and PHANTOM is not one to mess with once he’s got the sniper rifle. PHANTOM LEG4CY is a 11 year old that shows a great amount of potential in his Halo career. Better than “Average” players this puts him above the normality of the individual gamer on Halo: Reach. Squeaks when speaks, but throws down like an all-star player.

The Storm is coming!

Chuky14 is Viner, Instagramer, and now gonna be the star of it all on YouTube. He mainly focuses on his gameplay with an excellent choice music that follows along with the short clip. He has entrusted me, to create his Montage or Compilation of his game play. For now, he has chosen to put up his Halo: Reach gameplay and allowed me to choose the music! If you gamers have seen a game montage, you should know that the majority are fast paced. Here are some links if you haven’t or need a refresher on montages.

Please remember that the creators of individual videos belongs to them. I’m just spreading the word preparing myself for one of these great compilations. Go ahead click the links, like, and maybe even subscribe to them! I will be posting the montage either the end of this week or next week. I really need YOUR advice in what music I should choose! Please super heavy rock or rap, more fast paced and elegant to be amazing! Keep in mind, that Chucky is not only good at Halo: Reach, but in Halo 4 and Halo 3. These are the gameplays of several gamers who chose to become more than “average” gamers. They wanted to become more, elaborate? Sure, they decided to try for MLG within the community. The community as in the Xbox Live gaming community, which means EVERYONE! Hope you guys enjoyed and I will blog within the next week!

Future Refrence

So, sometimes I start the post and don’t finish it. If you see a post, but you notice there isn’t a link, video, photo, or even a sentence. It’s because I’m away, but will return to finish it. So please, don’t assume they are not complete, rather under “construction” still. It’s especially for links on my youtube. OH! One more thing speaking about YouTube, I had to destroy my gmail account and re-create my account. So, if you YouTube “Burdened legacy” the one that is not active should not be clicked on. Click on the one currently with one or two videos!

(http://www.destructoid.com/review-roxio-game-capture-hd-pro-266177.phtml) *NOTE: I do not own the usage rights to device or its software. All rights go to "Roxio".

(http://www.destructoid.com/review-roxio-game-capture-hd-pro-266177.phtml) *NOTE: I do not own the usage rights to device or its software. All rights go to “Roxio”.

(http://www.microsoftstore.com/store/msusa/en_US/pdp/productID.253169100) I do not own this image nor Do I own Microsoft, Xbox 360, or its affiliates.

(http://www.microsoftstore.com/store/msusa/en_US/pdp/productID.253169100) I do not own this image nor Do I own Microsoft, Xbox 360, or its affiliates.

(http://angryweb.net/2011/08/04/gamestop-employee-fired-for-planking/) Note, I dont own this image nor do i own gamestop or its affiliates!

(http://angryweb.net/2011/08/04/gamestop-employee-fired-for-planking/) Note, I dont own this image nor do i own gamestop or its affiliates!

I really love the internet, like really love it! Any way that guy planking at the gamestop is an employee. Who later, was “relieved” after posting this image on the internet, and yes he was fired. Just a little random thing I wanted add to your knowledge! More videos will be posted on YouTube and along with this blog.


Machinima has received the contract and e-mail and myself and the staff of the Lunch Box Adv. will be starting very soon. For those of you don’t know about Machinima: Machinima is a company devoted to gamers across the globe whether they have serious shows or comedic skits! Probably the most popular are “Battlefield Friends”, “Sanity Not Included”, “Happy Hour Saloon”, “Half Lives” and, “MineCraft: The N00b”. Please not I do not own Machinima or any of the shows listed.

(http://blip.tv/machinima-top-series) I dont onw this logo/ image nor do I own Machinima or its affiliates.

(http://blip.tv/machinima-top-series) I dont onw this logo/ image nor do I own Machinima or its affiliates.


(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rIzwvUt0lQs). I do not own this image nor do i own Happy hour or its affiliates!

(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rIzwvUt0lQs). I do not own this image nor do i own Happy hour or its affiliates!

Xbox 360 Day 3 Game Sale

Every now and then Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Market Place blows up with new games and hot deals. In late 2013, roughly around August. Microsoft announced a new system on the market place in which every 1st and 16th a community game would be available for free download. This months games were Dead Island and Toy Soldiers: Cold War. Recently, the Xbox Market place is in its 3rd day major game sale. Here are the games with their prices!

  • FIFA 14 – $29.99
  • Dead Island: Riptide – $14.99
  • The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim – $9.89
  • Left 4 Dead – $4.99
  • Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker – $4.94
  • Darksiders – $4.99
  • Bejeweled 3 – $1.04

Fifa 14 is a soccer gamer published be EA and developed by EA Canada. Dead Island: Reptide was published by Deep Silver and developed by Techland. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was published by Bethseda Softworks and developed by Bethseda Game Studios. Left 4 Dead was published by Valve and developed by Turtle Rock Studious/ Valve South/ Valve Corporation/ and Certain Affinity for assistance for the Xbox 360. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker was published by Konami and developed by Kojima Productions. Darksiders was published by THQ and produced by Vigil Games. I will not bother with “Bejeweled” b/c I myself am not interested in a game with a gambling addiction at such an early age of my life. Also, I don’t think much gamers pay attention to such games anyway. For more information on these games and why they’re on such good deals. Leave comment down below!