Taking a Step Back

I’ve probably pondered this for a long time with out actually saying or doing anything at all. What is this “thing”? Well back in 2012, February 22nd, the PS Vita was released. Now, this isn’t the first mobile device we’ve seen. There was Game boy Color,¬†Game boy Advance, Nintendo Ds and all those Nintendo products. There are also iPhones and other small mobile devices. PS Vita however, brought the intense magnitude of a gaming console. PS Vita was a huge success and inspired Nvidia to create their “Shield” mobile device. Look at where they’re at with that thing?!?!?

Now, my question is, where is Microsoft’s Mobile Device? I once cared for kinect, but when it had little of use, I decided to no longer care for it. Which is another reason why I still refuse to purchase an Xbox One. Anyway, PC Laptops are cool, but the real question is Microsoft capable and willing to actually create a Mobile gaming device with the same strength of the Xbox One? I mean it’s been quite some time, and it seems as if Microsoft is only concerned with their new modeled Xbox One and their little camera. Great games should be mobile and not only on Console. Examples: Halo. Halo use to be able to be on Xbox and PC. Now since the release of Halo 3, there is no PC version available. So do what you will with this info, just know that Microsoft is behind in the race of Entertainment and currently losing the console war.