The Tease

For the past few weeks, I’ve been producing two new projects gaming wise. The first is a teaser trailer of a gaming montage, the second is of a new hit series, still in development. The premiere of it should be released between this Friday or the next coming Friday. Both projects have mature content(Please note: It does not include nudity or sexual reference, but is not intended for young audiences), the the teaser is completed, however the series is a long ways from being completed. Again, I will be using Roxio Game Capture HD Pro. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it a video game recorder. Here is the Teaser,

I hope you enjoyed watching the short film and in the future I hope to do more. The series call name is “The Lunch Box Advs”, the main characters are, “Conrad” and “Jake”. The series focuses on Conrad playing Halo 4 for the first time, when he joins a matchmaking game, he finds a whole group of friends with a missing teammate. Conrad fills in and is under the command of the competitive player Jake, while there are other character in the story, I myself am not at liberty to release the names and future story plans. When you watch the teaser for the Lunch Box Adv. you will see the reason to calling the series “The Lunch Box Adventures”!