TITAN’s and SPARTAN’s!?!?!!

I was asked(being a big Halo fan) which would win in one on one deathmatch. The Spartan of the UNSC or the Titan produced by Hammond Factories and Robotics .The answer is simple, Spartans. Why? Spartans are more agile making them harder targets. Their shields aren’t the best, but still have an amazing durability and faster recharge than that of a Titan. I will upload a video with gameplay of both games and how each armor system’s work. Not much information is given about when Titans were in production with Hammond Factories. However, we know that Spartans were secretly in development in the earliest years of the first human-covenant war.

About 500 years from now is when Spartans were produced and used to take down insurrectionists of the UNSC. Until the Covenant appeared, then all of the UNSC’s resources when directly to research and towards the war with the Covenant. Titan’s were built for what Hammond believes “a safer Frontier “. In this case, the colonist had to live under the IMC and the Militia thought that was bad. Again, not much information is given to the community as to when the game itself is set and questions arise such as, “How the hell did the Militia get so many Titans?”. In the game Hammond is the factory builder of the Titans and Spectre’s. So, this leaves a number of theories for that whole question. “Did Hammond sell the Titan’s to the Militia?”, ” Where the Titan’s stolen?”, “Is there another mass producer of Titan’s besides Hammond’s factories?”, and finally, “How did the Militia even get the amount of ships that they have in the game?”.

Now back to the whole Spartan vs Titan: Spartans have years of training and experience in fighting. If a contact scenario occurred between a Spartan and a Pilot with his Titan. It would be no different than a Spartan taking down two pairs of hunters. Titans have denser armor and spartans weapons aren’t the greatest either. The weapons a Spartan can use on a head to head battle with a Titan are a Spartan laser, Rocket Launcher, Grenade Launcher, and a Sniper Rifle. These weapons have immense power and when used to the maximum of skill, can be an unstoppable force.

Titans of course could just attempt to squeeze the life of a Spartan, but lets not forget that it’s the pilot mostly in control. Spartan vs Pilot, Spartan would win. I don’t think I need to explain why. But the more interesting battle is Spartan vs Titan. I will leave it up to the Gaming Community to answer this question. My opinion is my own, ultimately we will have to wait for Respwan Entertainment to release more info on the Titanfall story.



Destiny Update

Bungie revealed, a few months back that Destiny would be released Spring 2014. Then, changed the release date to September, 9th. 2014. That date has not changed(Hopefully it won’t) and a limited edition has not been confirmed. However, majority of Bungie fans can already assume a limited/collectors edition will be arriving a month or so before the actual release of the game. Bungie also has worked with Activision, in releasing “Community Gift Packs”. These packs include a Destiny themed PS4, Call Of Duty:  Ghosts, Angry Birds Space, Default PS4 accessories, and around 17 to 20 “trading” cards of Destiny. Only 5 are being given GLOBALLY! For more info on the PS4 Gift Pack take a look at the video below:

” Our objective was the same as it always is: World Domination.” quote by Bungie staff/Team. This quote was used once again not only in their games, but in recent times of their Weekly Update by DeeJ. In the update, DJ had this to say in his opening, “There are people on this planet who have yet to receive our brave invitation to adventure. Unlike you, the elite community that’s mined and dissected every detail we’ve let slip from our grasp, they know not their destiny. Thus, we’ll plot and scheme behind closed doors in secret meetings with powerful allies, to catch them up to you.”

You can find there website at http://www.Bungie.net. To see their most recent post here is the link, http://www.bungie.net/7_Bungie-Weekly-Update–03072014/en/News/News?aid=11449. I’d like to thank AlanConsole/MoreConsole, because of the amazing work he does in finding this information. If you’d like video commentaries of Destiny, take a look at his channel on YouTube(Yes, both channels are his).