Play-through, Walk-through, and… Do I have to hold your Hand?

These next few weeks will be amazing, walk-through and play-through’s will be releasing from now on. Every Monday and Friday. If an episode is delayed it’s because we need more time editing and finishing up the final product. This week we will be premiering Halo 2 and Metro Last Light. We are still figuring out the Special Effects, Equipment, and our schedules. In other news, I’ve recently uploaded a video of some Halo: Reach game play with some buds. Unfortunately, our game didn’t go as smoothly as we wanted it to be. A few games before the video displays, a guy threatened me and my friends that he would boot our internet offline. We thought it was a simple bluff, we ignored and he carried on with his devious plan. His gamer tag is “Final Breath” and he apparently has a degree in Networking and Internet stuff.  Here is the video if you’d to take a look.

Final Breath boots offline,  Misstiffany25 and Omicron Legacy early in the game that is showed and towards the end they come back online.


Halo 4 Montage Coming out soon. Here is a demo look, no actual game play. Soon be competed and premiered.

Numbers, Numbers, and more Numbers.

No matter what game, no matter what situation. There is always a way to win. Numbers against and individual doesn’t mean a single thing if they can’t communicate. Communication is the key to any successful team. If your ever in a match where there are more enemies than teammates, use that as an advantage. They need to kill you even more repeatedly than normally. You can strike at the enemy at different angles. The tactic in surprising the enemy is using the map as an edge. For games that rely on gunshots to be seen on the mini map. Be careful if you are killed. If you are killed to many times, the enemy can deploy a “UAV”. This will allow the enemy to see you for a short period of time. For other games like Halo, stay crouched and hide under the radar. This will give you the edge to strike at your enemy where it will hurt. These tactics can make the difference in winning and losing. Aside note, if you like creeping up on your enemy. Its good to use a quiet weapon.

Team Reddit!

This week in my 2nd period class, we were given a project. This a project that is about a specific social platform(FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, ETC.). My group of 3 is on Reddit, I will be adding a short little skitt of gameplay in the presentation. The game used will be Halo(Dunno which Halo) and its a short 2 to 4 minute video. The project has include interaction with the audience and content.

( I don't own reddit but i am doing a project on it :)

( I don’t own reddit but i am doing a project on it 🙂

So many internet users know the famous “Red vs Blue” series by Rooster Teeth. The short is going to be somewhat like the RvB series, but obviously shorter and not mimicking their style. Here is a short from YouTube:

I hope you guy’s seen the Montage for Chucky and are still around this blog. I will be posting also on to spread this out! Future projects include The Rookies, more montages, new tutorials, gameplays, and reviews!

The Storm has Arrived!

As you know, last week I posted several videos in one post. I stated that Chucky14’s gaming mintage would be coming out between then and now. I am so pleased to say that, Chucky14’s montage is available to view free on YouTube or here on the blog. I myself will be creating a website for my Xbox Live account for my professional use. Here is the Montage!

I put a good amount of recording, editing, and gaming into this single project. If you want to game, watch, or talk my YouTube is Burdened Legacy(Several youtube videos have been released about the US slavery, IGNORE ALL OF THE!), my Gamertag on Xbox is Burdened Legacy, Twitch/Tv. is Burdened Legacy, and my PSN account is Burdened_Legacy. Two planned montages will be released soon, the rest I can’t really say. However, what I can say is that if you enjoyed any of my work, than you will continue to do so when the new projects are released. Please go to the if you are intrested in gaming, original photos, and more. In other news, I will be getting an Xbox One this year most likely before the release of “Destiny”. Destiny is a game being developed by the original creators of Halo. The reason why, is simply because I can not wait for Destiny, as huge Halo fan. I can not wait to see what Bungie has set in store for us.

The Rookies Ep. 1: PHANTOM LEG4CY

Another series, I forgot to mention was “The Rookies”. The Rookies is a series is meant to show the skills and traits of the young gamers of the world. The first episode is PHANTOM LEG4CY, on the map “Uncaged”. The playlist is “Team Snipers” game type “Snipers Pro” and PHANTOM is not one to mess with once he’s got the sniper rifle. PHANTOM LEG4CY is a 11 year old that shows a great amount of potential in his Halo career. Better than “Average” players this puts him above the normality of the individual gamer on Halo: Reach. Squeaks when speaks, but throws down like an all-star player.

The Storm is coming!

Chuky14 is Viner, Instagramer, and now gonna be the star of it all on YouTube. He mainly focuses on his gameplay with an excellent choice music that follows along with the short clip. He has entrusted me, to create his Montage or Compilation of his game play. For now, he has chosen to put up his Halo: Reach gameplay and allowed me to choose the music! If you gamers have seen a game montage, you should know that the majority are fast paced. Here are some links if you haven’t or need a refresher on montages.

Please remember that the creators of individual videos belongs to them. I’m just spreading the word preparing myself for one of these great compilations. Go ahead click the links, like, and maybe even subscribe to them! I will be posting the montage either the end of this week or next week. I really need YOUR advice in what music I should choose! Please super heavy rock or rap, more fast paced and elegant to be amazing! Keep in mind, that Chucky is not only good at Halo: Reach, but in Halo 4 and Halo 3. These are the gameplays of several gamers who chose to become more than “average” gamers. They wanted to become more, elaborate? Sure, they decided to try for MLG within the community. The community as in the Xbox Live gaming community, which means EVERYONE! Hope you guys enjoyed and I will blog within the next week!

More Youtube’s

So, with all these new fresh ideas coming in. I am starting that series soon, and am working on a montage for a friend. Recently been friend requested by people on Xbox Live from followers on “Vine”. It’s a daily thing that happens to be the norm now, so I’ve decided to stretch out a hand of friendship to those members. Here is small video when I played Halo Reach rarely(Note, I play alot more now.)

The Tease

For the past few weeks, I’ve been producing two new projects gaming wise. The first is a teaser trailer of a gaming montage, the second is of a new hit series, still in development. The premiere of it should be released between this Friday or the next coming Friday. Both projects have mature content(Please note: It does not include nudity or sexual reference, but is not intended for young audiences), the the teaser is completed, however the series is a long ways from being completed. Again, I will be using Roxio Game Capture HD Pro. For those of you who don’t know what that is, it a video game recorder. Here is the Teaser,

I hope you enjoyed watching the short film and in the future I hope to do more. The series call name is “The Lunch Box Advs”, the main characters are, “Conrad” and “Jake”. The series focuses on Conrad playing Halo 4 for the first time, when he joins a matchmaking game, he finds a whole group of friends with a missing teammate. Conrad fills in and is under the command of the competitive player Jake, while there are other character in the story, I myself am not at liberty to release the names and future story plans. When you watch the teaser for the Lunch Box Adv. you will see the reason to calling the series “The Lunch Box Adventures”!

Halo Reach back ground

(I do not own the Halo Series, nor Microsoft copyrights. All rights go to 343 Industries and Microsoft).

Heres a little background the actual game, Halo: Reach is set on a world that has a similar view like Earth’s. Unlike Earth, Reach is much larger and has several neighboring planets. The story is set in the year 2552, humans at this time have found a new and more efficient way of star travel. Humans have colonized several planets, with such an expansion in the human location and technology. An organization also appeared known as the UNSC, a military power that is set for all of mankind. The United Nations Space Command, used the new technology for new weapons and vessels. Humans however, were not the only race in the universe to travel and have new technologies. An alien alliance known as the Covenant, started destroying Human colonies. In Reach, you and team of your genetically enhanced super soldiers must defend Reach at all costs. Spartans are what most military and civilian personnel know you as. Unlike normal humans, Spartans are highly trained military units, they are faster, smarter, and stronger.

Originally manufactured to take down insurrectionists of the UNSC, now are used to engage the Covenant horde. Yes, I said “Manufactured”, Spartans are kidnapped(early SPARTAN I-SPARTAN-II) as children and are trained heavily until they are battlehardened. Later, they are injected with a genetic enhancer that makes them what they are, and then are ordered by the UNSC for specific commands.