Numbers, Numbers, and more Numbers.

No matter what game, no matter what situation. There is always a way to win. Numbers against and individual doesn’t mean a single thing if they can’t communicate. Communication is the key to any successful team. If your ever in a match where there are more enemies than teammates, use that as an advantage. They need to kill you even more repeatedly than normally. You can strike at the enemy at different angles. The tactic in surprising the enemy is using the map as an edge. For games that rely on gunshots to be seen on the mini map. Be careful if you are killed. If you are killed to many times, the enemy can deploy a “UAV”. This will allow the enemy to see you for a short period of time. For other games like Halo, stay crouched and hide under the radar. This will give you the edge to strike at your enemy where it will hurt. These tactics can make the difference in winning and losing. Aside note, if you like creeping up on your enemy. Its good to use a quiet weapon.

Beyond Mortals

In gaming communities, we see the Noobs, the Average Gamers, The Extremists and then there are the Pro’s. BUT, there are few more levels, one of the levels is where few tread. Not because they fear it but, what they don’t want to become. This is the realm of Gods and Legends. These gamers put every ounce of energy and every second into the game. There are two names for these gamers. “Hackers” or “No-Lifes”. These names are both insulting and inaccurate. These gamers have skill sets to make sure two outcomes occur in the game. The opponent “Rage Quits” with no trace of that individuals even existence. The other outcome is that they are called “Hackers”, “Lag-Switchers”, and more names when the match/duel is over. These names fuel the Gamers confidence and makes them want to become better and better. Sometimes, they will go as far as creating new accounts/profiles/users to make themselves look weaker or more noob like. When the first match begins, the opponents have no idea that the “Recruit” was going to take 1st place in the game. This is a very controversial issue within gaming communities to say “Beginners Luck” or “Cheaters”. Either way, the majority are all wrong about them. They are skilled, committed, and very cocky. These attributes give them all the necessary faults for gamers to call them out.

March Games! MARCH!

Here is the scenario, it’s March 14th, 2014. You have all the new systems and their memberships, but what games to buy between now and till the end of march? Here is the list of games that will be coming out now to end of march along with their corresponding systems!

  1. Yoshi’s New Island(Nintendo 3DS)

March 18th:

  1. Deus Ex: The Fall(Windows;PC)
  2. Final Fantasy X HD Remastered(PS3, PS Vita)
  3. Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remastered(PS3, PS Vita)
  4. Metal Gear V: Ground Zeroes(PS4, PS3, X360, XBO)
  5. Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z(Windows, PS3,X360)


  1. Infamous: Second Son


  1. BlazBlue: Chronophantasma(PS3)
  2. Deception IV: Blood Ties(PS3, PS Vita)
  3. Diablo III: Reaper of Souls(Windows, Mac)
  4. Mercenary Kings(Windows)
  5. Smite(Windows)
  6. The Witch and the Hundred Knight(PS3)
  7. TitanFall(X360)


  1. Age wonders III(Windows, Mac)

Wow big list huh? Well these are the games that aren’t afraid to be released sooner rather than later. The other games include Destiny, Halo, and others. Keep in mind I do not own any of the games or it’s affiliates. All rights reserved to their respected owners! do not own this image or the games affiliates) do not own this image or the games affiliates) do not own this image or the games affiliates) do not own this image or the games affiliates) do not own this image or the games affiliates) do not own this image or the games affiliates)



Destiny Update

Bungie revealed, a few months back that Destiny would be released Spring 2014. Then, changed the release date to September, 9th. 2014. That date has not changed(Hopefully it won’t) and a limited edition has not been confirmed. However, majority of Bungie fans can already assume a limited/collectors edition will be arriving a month or so before the actual release of the game. Bungie also has worked with Activision, in releasing “Community Gift Packs”. These packs include a Destiny themed PS4, Call Of Duty:  Ghosts, Angry Birds Space, Default PS4 accessories, and around 17 to 20 “trading” cards of Destiny. Only 5 are being given GLOBALLY! For more info on the PS4 Gift Pack take a look at the video below:

” Our objective was the same as it always is: World Domination.” quote by Bungie staff/Team. This quote was used once again not only in their games, but in recent times of their Weekly Update by DeeJ. In the update, DJ had this to say in his opening, “There are people on this planet who have yet to receive our brave invitation to adventure. Unlike you, the elite community that’s mined and dissected every detail we’ve let slip from our grasp, they know not their destiny. Thus, we’ll plot and scheme behind closed doors in secret meetings with powerful allies, to catch them up to you.”

You can find there website at To see their most recent post here is the link,–03072014/en/News/News?aid=11449. I’d like to thank AlanConsole/MoreConsole, because of the amazing work he does in finding this information. If you’d like video commentaries of Destiny, take a look at his channel on YouTube(Yes, both channels are his).

Metal what?

So Metal Gear fans rejoice for the confirmed “Metal Gear: Phantom Pain”. Unfortunately, the only Metal Gear coming out this year(That is confirmed and valid) is on March 18th. Metal Gear Solid V: Gr is part of a sub-series of prequels in the Metal Gear series, taking place after Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker. Ground Zeroes will stand alone as the first part to Metal Gear Solid V, acting as the prologue for the upcoming Metal Gear Solid: The Phantom Pain. The game follows BIg Boss’s infiltration in American Black Site on Cuban soil called Camp Omega for the extraction of both Cipher agent Pacifica Ocean and Sandinista child soldier Ricardo”Chico” Valenciano Libre. The game offers new methods of sneaking and traversal methods as well as choose in what order the story events take place by selecting missions in any order they like. The game was originally set to be released alongside The Phantom Pain but long development time resulted in director Hideo Kojima splitting the project in two parts so that players will get an early access to Metal Gear Solid V. In February 2012, a site named “Development Without Borders” owned by Konami was uploaded promoting development for a new Metal Gear title, which was titled “The “next” MGS”. The site was recruiting staff for the 2012 GDC  pavilion in March, and requested applications for several positions for the latest Metal Gear Solid targeted for “high-end consoles and PC” and “next-gen Fox engine”. do not own Metal Gear Series or it's affilates.I also do not own this image). do not own Metal Gear Series or it’s affilates.I also do not own this image).

Machinima + TitanFall

Well If you people recall, a few weeks ago. I posted that we were accepted into Machinima, that was not the case. The company sent me an e-mail then, stating that they were going to verify my account. Yesterday, at 4:05 Tuesday, March 11th, I received an email that I am now confirmed and ready to roll. ALSO! Titanfall was released yesterday across participating retailing stores. There was supposed to be no story mode. However, before the release of TitanFall, “Respawn Entertainment” confirmed a small cross campaign-multiplayer game mode. YES, that means you play the campaign in a multiplayer lobby. Against both AI’s and real playing Pilots(Pilots, is the term for an actual player rather than a grunt AI[AI’s are computer controlled units or bots]). Anyway, TitanFall has no recorded issues except ONE! When you play the game type, “Last Titan Standing”, players have noticed that the game rate drops. Most gamers say it was the fact that the game had everyone in a Titan rather than continuous drops. Others say it simply because of connection issues . Another interesting thing about TitanFall, the PC version requires more than 48 Gigabytes of memory to run. Several PC, gamers are outraged and confused at why that is. One of the reasons is the uncompressed audio files. Uncompressed has a better quality, but takes up more space. Compressed audio files lacks quality(Unknown on how bad it is), but saves more space. I hope you guise enjoyed this post. I find myself actually really good now that I gave you all this info. I wish the best in all your games, CIAO.

( I dont onw this logo/ image nor do I own Machinima or its affiliates.

( I dont onw this logo/ image nor do I own Machinima or its affiliates. I do not own this image, nor do I own TitanFall or its Affiliates! All rights reserved to the respected owners) I do not own this image, nor do I own TitanFall or its Affiliates! All rights reserved to the respected owners) do not own this image, nor do I own TitanFall or it's affiliates. Rights reserved to the respected owners) do not own this image, nor do I own TitanFall or it’s affiliates. Rights reserved to the respected owners)



Yesterday night, I was playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 2. I happened to join a Hardcore Domination lobby and was surrounded by children. When I say children, I mean kids under the age of 13. The game didn’t go smoothly either, all I heard was cries of “GET QUICK SCOPED!” and other ridiculous phrases. I managed to record the gameplay, however, I don’t think the audio went through(Microphone audio, Just game audio). I will be uploading the game play videos saturday to my YouTube. Also, on the blog as well for those who don’t really feel like it. Unfortunately, this morning, a huge churning sound erupted my slumber. Thus, an explosion occurred on a power line and the sounds of car alarms went off. For today and “god knows” when the power will be restored on my street. So, any posts or projects will be delayed as of now. I will not now when the power is on and now I have been reduced to using… “Public used” computers.

Team Reddit!

This week in my 2nd period class, we were given a project. This a project that is about a specific social platform(FaceBook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+, ETC.). My group of 3 is on Reddit, I will be adding a short little skitt of gameplay in the presentation. The game used will be Halo(Dunno which Halo) and its a short 2 to 4 minute video. The project has include interaction with the audience and content.

( I don't own reddit but i am doing a project on it :)

( I don’t own reddit but i am doing a project on it 🙂

So many internet users know the famous “Red vs Blue” series by Rooster Teeth. The short is going to be somewhat like the RvB series, but obviously shorter and not mimicking their style. Here is a short from YouTube:

I hope you guy’s seen the Montage for Chucky and are still around this blog. I will be posting also on to spread this out! Future projects include The Rookies, more montages, new tutorials, gameplays, and reviews!

The Storm has Arrived!

As you know, last week I posted several videos in one post. I stated that Chucky14’s gaming mintage would be coming out between then and now. I am so pleased to say that, Chucky14’s montage is available to view free on YouTube or here on the blog. I myself will be creating a website for my Xbox Live account for my professional use. Here is the Montage!

I put a good amount of recording, editing, and gaming into this single project. If you want to game, watch, or talk my YouTube is Burdened Legacy(Several youtube videos have been released about the US slavery, IGNORE ALL OF THE!), my Gamertag on Xbox is Burdened Legacy, Twitch/Tv. is Burdened Legacy, and my PSN account is Burdened_Legacy. Two planned montages will be released soon, the rest I can’t really say. However, what I can say is that if you enjoyed any of my work, than you will continue to do so when the new projects are released. Please go to the if you are intrested in gaming, original photos, and more. In other news, I will be getting an Xbox One this year most likely before the release of “Destiny”. Destiny is a game being developed by the original creators of Halo. The reason why, is simply because I can not wait for Destiny, as huge Halo fan. I can not wait to see what Bungie has set in store for us.