Returning winterbreak post

During winter break I went to several birthday parties and celebrations, also this year I turned 15 on December 29th. I got a brand new XBOX 360 and a game from families and got clothes from parents.  I recently also got a black haired puppy and named it shadow.  I spent most of my time inside and sleeping in and being a babysitter for my sister.  My younger brother tried beating me up and I pushed hard enough to go out the bed room. As you all know 2012 was the mark of “THE END OF THE WORLD”, but yet again the old fool is wrong and the Mayan calender was never completed. So, for 2013 my goal as a high-school student is to enter the MAD academy and have all A’s through my academic classes . My goals as an adolescent citizen are to get more committed to the community and be more responsible.