Band Album, Front and Back


In these images that I Photoshopped, I had to cut, edit and paste. Different images had to be edited with extra things and altered the color saturation and hue. All the backgrounds had to be edited and scaled to fit the blank. I created songs on the back which had a story and a little like other songs had what they had.



I drew the logo of a man with a spray  can painting in “MC ZIM ZAM” text and  “The one and only”. I used the blob brush tool for coloring small spots and the paint brush tool to close in on an area and select it with the arrow tool and swapped the outside to fill in the other spots. It represents the band b/c a lot of what zim zam is the freedom of expression and how apply s with graffiti. I created through tracing and adjusting text!MC ZIM ZAM

Hip Hop Music

Critics of Hip Hop argue that Hip Hop is only about doing drugs, violence, committing crimes, intercourse, and songs of hatred. In most cases this is true. However, there are several songs that have a motivational tune and inspiration. Eminem, Dr. Dre, Kid Cudi, Roy Jones Jr, and Fort Minor.

These bands or artists all have one thing in common, that is to make song that has to inspire people from ordinary people to amazing people. Imagery that you would see is women, guns, drugs, small and big houses, violence and crime.

Iconic face Project



Sayil prjrct

In the image displayed at the top is an image of an iconic face. It does not look like it because of the challenging details of Mitts face. I chose him as the iconic image because in 2008 there was an image of Obama with text saying “HOPE”, Romney is the opposite of Obama which I added the text “Every vote this man gets, the Future has  no hope.” The image forerunner came from (, all the image credit goes to KSBW. I used the paint brush tool to color the area’s I wanted to color in by selecting it with black arrow and swapping the colors to fill in the spots. I used the blob brush tool to color in the spots that were left out and were just blank. I chose only 3 colors, red, white, and blue. When I had the final copy and erased the edges the were out of the image and tried my best to color in the white blanks.