Exit Through the Gift Shop

During the past two days, My Pre -MAD class saw a film named, “Exit Through the Gift Shop.”  The film is a documentary about street art around 1998 to 2010.  The film includes three big street artists known as Shepard Fairey, Banksy, and Theirry (Mister Brainwash). One part in the movie I enjoyed was when Theirry and Banksy go to Disneyland and get in trouble with a small stunt that Banksy pulled near a train ride, the reason why I enjoy this part of the film was b/c Banksy referred the security as “Mickey Mouse Security”.  I also enjoyed the part in which Theirry is with Shepard Fairey and go off to create a big “obey” poster!

When I saw the different types of styles of street art I was fascinated! I especially liked what art Banksy created, Banksy takes Theirry under his wing and teaches him different arts. Toward the end of the film Theirry starts to make his own street art. I noticed that Theirry at first made his own designs and then made ideas and started paying other artists to create his ideas.  Banksy, Shepard Fairey, and other street artists created their own art. That was a significant difference between Mister Brainwash and other artists. Banksy’s idea was to make Theirry create his own art, but instead Theirry got the wrong idea and started using money to create art. Banksy says in the film “It was never about the money”.

Banksy’s art in the movie is everywhere! An example of Banksy’s art is the famous rat with different text.  I like this example of art because the rodent is standing on two legs and tilts his head facing the viewer. As if it was talking that specific person. An other example of Banksy’s art is the telephone booth in England. I like this piece of art because the the booth is leaning up as if twas actually alive, well it has a pic-axe in the center of the of it glass tiles. Fianlly, the last example of Banky’s art is the graffiti at Palestinian wall. It has several images on the all that involve taking down the wall in the west bank.


Spike Jonze Movie Poster

Today I posted a drawing from a music video famously wrote by Weezer. The song is Buddy Holly and the song was created to be in a 50’s and 60’s time era. In my MAT 105 SBCC class we watched a documentary of Spike Jonzes’s  past directed videos.  I chose “Buddy Holly” because the song was really good and an image I looked up and found and it was good choice in my opinion. I used the colors that were in the video and did the best I could using the blob brush tool. I colored in the leather jacket, the college banner flag, and the pinball machine. The only thing I was not able to color in was the background which was a turquoise-green. The man in the center has a weird hair cut, almost like a Elvis Preisly.

Made by Me(Drawing)/Image credit goes to director Spike Jonze

Photoshop VS illustrator

Photoshop and illustrator are 2 of the mainly used programs of “Adobe”.  Photoshop mainly has to deal with editing pictures it can also be used for drawing. As for illustrator, it was created for drawing! Illustrator and Photoshop both have a number of same tools. However, Photoshop has more tools than and quick change color calibrations. Personally, I would choose illustrator for drawing but, for photo editing I would have to choose P



Spike Jonze

Spike Jonze has directed two of my iconic bands of all time.  Spike jonze had directed for Beastie boys and Weezer.   Unlike Michel Gondry, Spike Jonze introduces an enviorment in which is not “Dream Like” or a fantasy.  He works like a chameleon, he changes different patterns. .Spike adds goofy things and fake things to make it all fit together in a realistic form.

My favorite video directed by Spike was “Weapon of Choice” by Fatboy Slim
. The character, well the only character that is in the video is Christopher Walkens! Its my favorite b/c of Christopher and the song is just very good. Especially, when Chris FLY’S!  However, there was a video that I did not enjoy that much.  The song was called “Da Funk” by Daft Punk, the video did not make any sense. However, the song was okay but not as good as “Around the World”.

Spike Jonze compared to other directors including Michel Gondry and Chris Cunningham is a “chameleon”.