Around The World by Daft Punk

¬† ¬† ¬†This picture is a representation of Michel Gondry’s video on “Around The World” by Daft Punk. I spent many hours trying to switch each character put them in the right position. For Example, the¬†Spartans¬†were¬†originally¬†facing the right including the skeletons,¬†mummy’s, and big bodied small headed figures. What I had to was rotate them all upside down and then revert them in a vertical slant thus, making them face the other direction but still up. If you notice the Spartan being covered by Nyan Cat, chances are you will question it or you will laugh. The Nyan Cat was completely there out of the complete randomness of my mind.


Call of Duty?

In the year 2010 Call of Duty Black Ops came out around when Halo Reach came out. It was a huge hit with its Multilayer and new Zombies game. Halo Reach was very exciting but soon enough, gamers found themselves playing previous Halo games or the new Call of Duty. Bungie felt like they needed to do something… to bring back their fans to Halo. They left the game industries and sold the franchise to 343 industries and along with different projects. Some bungie members did not quit so they requested to work with 343 and they accepted. One project that they planed to use to bring back their fans was the anniversary for the first Halo following Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary. Around this time Infinity Ward released Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 the sequel to MW2. Upon the midnight launch in several retailing stores, fans were cheering in excitement as soon they put the disc in their console. Amazed by the graphics, the story, Special Ops, and the multilayer. A few months later, EA released one of the best First Person Shooter selling franchise, Battlefield 3. Soon enough, fans of MW3 left the series moving on to Battlefield 3, and Halo, or previous call of duty’s. To bring back their fans, Trey Arch has announced their trailer of Call of Duty Black Ops 2, the release date is Nov. 13, 2012. However, 343 has announced their new trailer to Halo 4! The game is to be released in Nov. 06, 2012. In October 15, both Doritos and Mountain Dew Products will have special packaging in which you can earn Double XP when Halo 4 comes out and other GREAT prizes! For other information regarding Halo, Call of Duty, or Battlefield 3, including mods, glitches, or walk through’ s leave a comment in the comment section Bellow!